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Geeta Zaildar (Punjabi Singer)

Geeta Zaildar (Punjabi Singer)

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Geeta Zaildar is world famous Punjabi Singer. Geeta Zaildar entered into the Punjabi music world with his banging album called Shartan. He sings in folk Punjabi style with the world music.

The energy of his voice can make everyone dance. Though all the songs of Geeta Zaildar are amazingly rocking, but few of them have created the legend. Geeta Zaildar was born on Oct 16, 1978 in Punjab from his childhood Geeta Zaildar love to singing and bhangra. He use to listen and enjoy Punjabi music all the free time.

Zaildar is one of the most popular Bhangra music artist between the youngster of Punjab. He like to live life king-size with open heart. His affection of Punjabi music always compel him to work something extraordinary in his albums.

Brief description: A dedicated Group for updates from Geeta Zaildar